zoomorphik = design + animals
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Zoomorphik = Design + Animals

Check Out Our Newest Collections of Uniquely Shaped, Playful Pillows! 

Yoga Animals Collection is based on the colorful animal characters from the new children's book, Downward Dog with Diego. These unique pillows are inspired by the animal poses of yoga and are designed to get kids moving.

NYNY Icons Collection celebrates the City That Never Sleeps! Featuring bold and colorful illustrations of NYC’s favorite icons and an eclectic array of animal characters. 

USAnimals Collection is all about the USA and the various and diverse animals that inhabit them. Zoology meets geography in vibrant colors and fun shapes. 

Zoomorphik’s products are hand made in collaboration with family owned businesses based and operating in the USA. Fabric is printed in the USA using an eco-friendly process designed to minimize waste of fabrics and water. 

Soft Mementos. Playful Decor. Informative Cushions.